7 Steps To Launch Your First Outreach Marketing Campaign

November 28, 2017

My guest today is Kai Davis, founder of Double Your Ecommerce and Double Your Audience, host of the Make Money Online and Get More Clients podcasts, and author of The Outreach Blueprint and Podcast Outreach. In this episode Kai will teach you the importance to building relationships with people and the 7 steps to launching your first marketing outreach campaign. Marketing outreach is one of the most important marketing skills today, so listen in to learn the best ways to approach it as well as Kai’s recommended resources and software tools.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why outreach is so important as marketers
  • Using you-focused outreach language
  • The 7 steps to launch your first marketing outreach campaign
  • Automation versus personalization
  • Outreach sequences and successful follow-up campaigns
  • Measuring a successful outreach response
  • Kai’s recommended resources and software tools


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