How Noah Kagan Would Launch a Business With $1k Anonymously

February 13, 2018

Today I’m talking to Noah Kagan, a successful entrepreneur and founder of two multi-million dollar businesses including AppSumo, Sumo and Briefcase. Noah is someone who does marketing all day long, but rarely calls it marketing. He has a successful blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and over 700,000 subscribers on his email list. He has worked for Intel, Facebook and before striking out on his own. Listen in as Noah takes us through how he would launch a business with $1000 anonymously and his thoughts on marketing today.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Launching a business idea
  • How to find a marketable service to provide
  • Starting by working for free
  • Validating ideas manually before starting with automation
  • Networking methods to find clients
  • The 80/20 rule: Spend 80% of the time sticking with what works, and 20% experimenting
  • Becoming a better marketer and Noah’s advice and resources


“A lot of people I talk to, tend to think about the smartest way possible to automate their funnel, and make it so sexy, and automated, and perfect. But they really don’t do step one which is actually do something, first of all, that works.” - Noah Kagan

“I don’t mind. I think the thing that I try to encourage people is just get away from the shitty - what a lot of people try to do for marketing is they try to jump ahead. They’re trying to drive a Ferrari on a racetrack and they don’t even know how to drive a car.” - Noah Kagan

“If you just do anything, literally, if you do marketing, or start a business, or sales, or any skill, and you commit 15, 30 minutes a day for a year, even 15 minutes, you do that for a year, you’re golden. You will get most of what you want if not further ahead of that.” - Noah Kagan

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