How to Become a Marketing Strategy Expert (Starting from Scratch)

November 20, 2018

In this episode, you will learn how to set up a one-year strategic marketing plan and lead your team to success. My guest today is Kevan Lee, the Director of Marketing at Buffer.

Tune in to hear us discuss your big picture gameplan, how to lead a team effectively, and Kevan’s personal career path. He reveals insight into the transition from content writing to strategy and what happened when he tried to take marketing shortcuts in the past.


We covered:

  • The difference between your company vision vs. strategy
  • How Kevan created Buffer’s one-year strategic marketing plan
  • Why step one of a marketing strategy starts with your purpose
  • The powerful vision framework exercise for creating goals
  • Which marketing channel is the number one driver for new signups
  • How to determine which projects are your first priority
  • Why marketers today should become multiskilled generalists



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