How to Prepare for Automation in Digital Marketing

November 13, 2018

Should we be afraid of automation in digital marketing? We hear some scary predictions about what automation will do to our jobs. In this episode, you’ll learn how much technology will impact the future of advertising.

My guest today is Shawn Twing, one of the top paid traffic specialists in the world.  He joins us to talk about the common mistakes he sees in paid traffic, how to prepare for the future of automation, and the one thing technology can never take from humans.


We covered:

    • The reason why paid traffic agencies might not exist in 12 months
    • Two automation tasks that are often used in paid traffic
    • What the first step is for marketers to prepare for automation
    • Why you should know the key difference between principles vs. tactics
    • The link between paid traffic, innovation and investing
    • Why retargeting everyone who visits a website is a common mistake
    • Shawn’s three principles that have made his business a success
  • The one thing machines won’t ever be able to take from humans


    • Qwaya: Facebook Ad Manager

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