How to Turn Website Data into Insights You Can Actually Use

January 09, 2018

My guest this episode is Adam Greco, a web analytics expert who has worked for companies such as Omniture and Salesforce. Most people are easily overwhelmed with data analytics and don’t know where to start. Many organizations also function in a vacuum with each department using their own data and not sharing their findings across the team. As users we don’t want reports, we want insights to help make decisions.

This episode we’re going to talk about how to turn that data into insights you can actually use, how to spot problems on your website and sales funnel, how to score your leads, and how to know what to focus on. Adam is a prominent member of the web analytics community and he gives us a practical guide to analytics you can start implementing in your business or project right away.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The actual goal of web analytics
  • The “there is no spoon” exercise: why do you need a website anyway?
  • Looking for problems in an ecommerce funnel and convincing your managers to act
  • Best segmentation methods to isolate a problem: score-based, organic vs. paid traffic
  • User feedback beyond web analytics
  • Testing, personalization and getting ROI out of web analytics
  • Salesforce case study: ethics versus data
  • Adam’s advice to young marketers: technology and programming languages to learn
  • Adam’s recommended resources




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