Online Advertising Is Dead; Long Live Traditional Advertising?

January 16, 2018

In this episode we are challenging the current model of online advertising and making a case for the traditional methods advertising. Bob Hoffman is my guest, author of the popular blog The Ad Contrarian and has been named one of the most influential advertising bloggers by Business Insider. He’s been the CEO of two independent agencies and has worked with major brands such as McDonalds, PepsiCo, Bank of America, Toyota, AT&T and many more. Today he will explain why digital marketing is broken, what you need to know as a marketer today and why traditional marketing is not dead yet.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Creating demand versus fulfilling demand
  • Measuring customer cost acquisition on and offline
  • Pitfalls of online advertising tech from ad blockers to ad fraud and data leakage
  • Creating a new model for online advertising and regulatory movements in the EU
  • The loss of healthy skepticism in digital advertising agencies
  • Ethical consideration when choosing clients
  • Bob’s advice to young marketers and his recommended resources


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