Seth Godin's Marketing Secrets [Replay]

September 25, 2018

We are replaying our most popular episode of the show this week. My interview with Seth Godin has been download over 6,000 times and it's packed with value.

I believe it's worth listening to again (even if you've already heard our conversation). Seth Godin shares a lot of unconventional ideas in this episode and his key takeaways can take some time to digest.

What would Seth Godin do if he had to launch a brand new business from scratch, anonymously, with only $1,000? What are Seth Godin's marketing secrets?

This episode was a special challenge to my guest Seth Godin. I asked him to come up with a business idea on the fly and walk us through how he would launch an online business with $1,000 and market it to success within 3 months.

Enjoy this special replay. Tune in next week for a brand new interview!

Here's the link to the original episode: Seth Godin's Marketing Secrets

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