What to Expect in 2018: Future Guests & Improvements

January 02, 2018

This week we have another special edition episode of Everyone Hates Marketers. I am glad to share my future plans for the podcast including guests to be interviewed next and those already recorded that will be published soon. We’re also going to talk about what will change going forward, what won’t, and upcoming topics you will hear about. I am working on improving some aspects of this project and continue to appreciate all the feedback I receive. Don’t forget to check out our last episode for a review of how we did in 2017.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Episode and interview objectives for 2018
  • Improvements to be made to show notes, website, show format and audio quality
  • Emphasis on guest diversity to bring out the best voices
  • Thoughts on expanding the podcast to other formats
  • Upcoming guests: André Chaperon, Joanna Wiebe, Noah Kagan, Rob Walling, Cindy Gallop, Adam Greco
  • Topics to be discussed in the coming year, such as avoiding shady SEO and how to do digital PR


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