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4 Questions to Design High-Converting Landing Pages

You might  find it hard to explain what your product actually does. This leads to a weak messaging on your landing pages, which leads to people not signing up, and ultimately lower revenue. 

My guest today is Pedro Cortés, a SaaS marketing and design consultant. We talked about why companies struggle with positioning, Pedro’s framework to discover his clients’ most valuable selling points, and how he translates it to a well-crafted landing page.

We covered:

  • How Pedro positions his consulting business
  • How if a SaaS company is solving “big problems”
  • Why companies struggle to explain what their product actually does
  • Questions Pedro asks his clients to build a position-accurate landing page
  • How to translates insights into a well-crafted landing page
  • Why testimonials are valuable and how you can make it more “human”
  • How Pedro goes about finding the buyer’s most important pain points


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