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4 Steps to Launch Your Next Digital Product (Without Sh*tty Growth Hacks)

It can be intimidating when it’s time to launch a new product for your business. Tom Morkes joins the show to explain why a simple and straightforward approach will lead to a high converting marketing campaign.

Tom has helped over 100 companies grow their traffic, leads, and sales using his own launch methodology and in this episode, shares the four steps you must execute before launching your product.

We covered:
  • The biggest mistake Tom sees businesses make during product launches
  • How to set realistic expectations for your product launch
  • Tom’s thoughts on email marketing and why it is key to a successful product launch
  • Why you shouldn’t try to convince your audience they need your product
  • Keeping your message straightforward and simple
  • A simple process Tom uses to identify his audience’s problems
  • How to identify, develop, and utilize strategic partnerships during your launch
  • Tom’s “slide-in” approach to developing relationships
  • Why effective story-telling is important when developing relationships


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