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5 Proven Methods for Positioning Your New Product

How can we get customers to understand the value of our product when it’s new in the market?

That’s where your product positioning comes in. In this episode, we’re joined by April Dunford to talk about how to get a new product in front of your target audience.

She’s a keynote speaker and a consultant for growth-stage startups in the tech industry. April has worked on 16 successful product launches and shares her lessons learned from the experience in this interview.

We covered:

  • The most common mistake companies make with positioning
  • Why it’s valuable to hear an outside marketing perspective
  • The reason why step one is analyzing competitive alternatives
  • How to determine the key unique features of your product
  • Why you must link values to your product features and benefits
  • Three styles of market positioning (and which one is most common)
  • Why learning foundational marketing is the most important step



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