7 Insider Secrets of Video Marketing (With the CEO of Wistia)

March 12, 2019

Growing your audience faster, storytelling that informs your prospects, and moving your customers down the sales funnel — these are just a few benefits of video marketing. In this episode, Chris Savage from Wistia joins us to chat about building an audience with video (starting from zero).

We covered:

  • The truth behind the rise of video and its true power in marketing
  • What happens when you find the spot where customers get stuck in your funnel
  • How to create a compelling storyline that makes your audience problem-aware
  • Why you should turn to your best customers for help identifying your mission
  • The difference between what your product does and what your mission entails
  • Getting clear with your metrics up front when you’re building an audience with video
  • How to use metrics to help leadership understand the risks that you’re taking
  • Why you should pay attention to how media companies market their content



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