7 Ways to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Users

March 05, 2019

Wouldn’t you love to turn every blog post into an acquisition machine? In today’s episode, you’ll learn how you can use content to acquire users that will stick around.

Kieran Flanagan joins the podcast to share what it means to win the hearts and minds of your audience, why the cost of content has grown faster than any other medium in the last five years, and what brands must do to compete in content marketing today.

We covered:

  • The major difference between acquiring users vs. getting users to stick around
  • What the hearts and mind strategy means for content marketing
  • Why you must invest in every blog post as an acquisition engine
  • How great SEO transforms your content (and makes it better)
  • The surprising point in time when businesses should invest in branding  
  • How to identify the #1 topic your content should go after
  • Why intent is key when you start to establish your content design
  • The simple way to attract an audience who shares your beliefs



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