An In-Depth Guide to Content Marketing for Long-Term Growth

February 19, 2019

Want to learn how one B2B marketing campaign made $64 million from a $6,000 budget? Ryan Bonnici joins the podcast to share the exact steps he took and how you can follow his strategy. Listen in to hear us talk content marketing, search engine optimization, and how to drive tangible results without using growth hacks.

We discussed:

  • Why you should go after the top of your funnel vs. optimizing for conversions
  • How content marketing impacts your sales funnel and drives long-term growth
  • Why you have to validate data before you create any piece of content
  • How to get into your target buyer’s head to find out exactly what they’re searching
  • Why most of your content shouldn’t be about the products you sell
  • The effective way to search for keywords based on an intent to buy
  • Prioritizing low difficulty keywords vs. high difficulty keywords
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on blog posts to learn about new strategies



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