Brand Positioning 101: How to Tell a Memorable Story

August 07, 2018

How can your brand stand out in an oversaturated market today?

If you’re a frequent listener, you already know we talk a lot about branding on this podcast. It’s because I believe that branding is the core of marketing. Without a solid foundation in place, your marketing strategy will flop.

In today’s episode, Rebecca Vogels and I chat about the connection between branding, storytelling, and your personal brand.

We covered:

  • How social media has transformed the concept of branding
  • Why companies must know what values they stand for today
  • Finding out what your customers care about (and how they communicate)
  • The difference between your existing customers vs. leads you want to attract
  • How to tell a story about your brand that delivers value
  • What three key story concepts your brand can tell
  • Why marketers should focus on empathy for their customers



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