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Content Distribution Plan: An In-Depth Process for Driving More Traffic

Are you struggling with content marketing? Well, get ready for this one. I guarantee your perspective will change after listening to today’s guest.

In this episode, we’re joined by Ross Simmonds. He’s an entrepreneur and strategist who provides B2B marketing strategies for founders and marketers–but what’s unique about Ross is his online presence.

He reaches hundreds of thousands of people each day by experimenting with sharing content on tons of platforms. Today, Ross is going to explain exactly how he does it. Whether you sell products or provide a service, you can apply his tips to generate more leads for your business.  


We covered:

  • How to drive revenue in one month with Facebook groups
  • Why your domain name should include your industry title
  • “The Sherlock Homeboy Approach” for crafting popular content
  • Why forums are an untapped goldmine for marketing research
  • How to use metrics in online forums for content creation
  • What happens when you tap into controversial topics
  • Using your skillset for creating content (you don’t have to write)
  • Why you should reshare the same piece of content on repeat
  • The exact method Ross uses for distributing his content
  • Why content promotion is the priority vs. content creation



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