Conversational Copy: How to Make Your Marketing 10x More Authentic

February 26, 2019

Does selling ever make you feel gross? In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to market and write about your products without the sleaze and hype.

Nick Usborne has been working as a copywriter and coach for over 35 years. He joins the podcast to chat about conversational copy, and how to sell without compromising your reputation or the integrity of your personal brands.

We covered:

  • How to recognize hype and high-pressure trickery in online marketing
  • Why conversational copy makes customers feel more comfortable
  • How children can be more persuasive than the best advertisers in the world
  • The simple test to determine if your sales copy is conversational or not
  • Why most of us are terrible at having conversations with each other
  • The secret to writing your first draft of copy (and getting past the blank page)
  • How to balance everyday language and the structure of your sales message
  • Why the little voice in your head will always give you the feedback you need



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