Finding Social Media Influencers The No-BS Way in 7 Steps

August 14, 2018

Who are social media influencers and how can they help your business?

In this episode, Tyler Farnsworth joins the podcast to cover a marketing topic we haven’t dug into yet: influencer marketing. We talk about the role influencers play in marketing today, finding the right social media influencer for your campaign, and how you should reach out to them.


We discussed:

  • Why influencer marketing isn’t really a new trend
  • How to avoid negative influencer partnerships
  • What steps to take when creating a social media campaign
  • Why campaigns start with your customer (and not influencers)
  • How to identify the right creators for your audience
  • What to say in your first outreach and how to stand out
  • The future of influencer marketing and brand relationships



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