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How To Change Careers When You Have No Idea What You're Doing (3 Steps)

He had a successful “cushy” job in San Francisco, but when going to work every day, he noticed that something was missing. After shaking off a case of imposter syndrome, he’s now running a remote marketing consulting company in Thailand.

Nigel Stevens, CEO of Organic Growth Marketing Company joins the show to discuss how you can recognize if something is missing in your career and the three business traits you should have before taking the leap! 

We covered:

  • Why you shouldn’t let “Imposter Syndrome” affect your confidence in your abilities
  • The two big things that helped Nigel realize something was missing early in his career despite having the “cushy” job
  • The importance of social proof and security when deciding to make a career change
  • Using your professional network to set you up for success
  • Some big advice on how NOT to send a cold email 
  • Why building relationships is so important to marketers
  • Why it’s important to tie your own professional story into your company’s growth
  • Reflecting back on what you ad your coworkers have accomplished in the past 1, 3, or 5 years.
  • Nigel gives a real example of why it’s important to highlight your intangibles and how you get sh*t done


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