How to Do SEO Yourself: A Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research (With Examples)

December 18, 2018

Is keyword research still relevant to SEO? Do backlinks matter anymore?

Find out the answer in today’s episode. My guest is Tim Soulo, the CMO and the Head of Product Strategy at Ahrefs. Listen in as we deep dive into the technical side of ranking higher on Google — and exactly how to approach keyword research right now.

We discussed:

  • Why keyword research is still important for SEO campaigns
  • The major disadvantage of using free tools for keyword research
  • What “seed keywords” are and how to find them for your niche
  • Why Google ranks nearly identical pages for multiple relevant queries
  • The absolute best thing you can do during the keyword research phase
  • When the keyword difficulty metric won’t help you rank #1 in Google
  • Why unique linking websites add more value than the volume linking pages
  • The truth about building backlinks in an ethical and nonaggressive manner

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