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How to Experiment Quickly & Find HUGE Wins (5 Steps)

Is your organization too afraid of trying new things? Do you have an idea for an experiment but are not sure how to pitch it to your boss?

Let’s change that.

My guest today is David Arnoux, Co-founder, and Head of Growth at GrowthTribe. In this episode, we talk about developing an experimental mindset, why visual storytelling is vital to get buy-ins, and how to run marketing and growth experiments to find huge wins.

We covered:

  • The symptoms of companies that are not experimenting enough
  • What companies need to have in place before starting experimenting
  • The danger of “growth for the sake of growth”
  • The type of companies that David won’t train or work with
  • Why experiment culture should begin with the mindset
  • How to change the mindset in an organization
  • Why visual storytelling is essential in presenting your experiments
  • The single data source to help you pick the right ideas to run with
  • A few examples of crazy experiments David ran
  • David’s advice to aspiring marketers
  • What David thinks marketers should learn for the next 5,10, and 50 years


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