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How to Improve Your Marketing With Social Proof (4-Step Framework)

Building trust with social proof is more than just putting reviews on your website and hoping for the best.

My guest today is Louis Nicholls, author of The Social Proof Handbook, growth consultant, and the founder of Sales for Founders. In this episode, Louis shares his 4-step framework to improve your sales and marketing with social proof.

We covered:

  • What is “social proof”?
  • Examples of social proof in real life
  • What social proof can and can’t do
  • How to map out the customer’s journey of your product or service
  • How social proof can help you answer customers’ objections
  • The 7 sources where you can mine social proof
  • The different formats of social proof
  • How to reach out and get people to give you testimonials
  • The biggest mistake people make when utilizing social proof
  • What Louis thinks marketers should learn for the next 5,10, and 50 years


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