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How to Position Your Freelance Marketing Business (& Stop Feeling Burn out)

Are you feeling burnt out at the end of your workday? Do you feel like your flailing around with no direction when working with your current clients? Kaleigh Moore was in your position not too long ago. Now after taking a leap as a niche freelance writer, Kaleigh runs a successful business writing blog content for e-commerce platforms and SaaS tools.

Kaleigh joins the show today to help us understand how to find work your passionate about and make money doing it. We discuss how to find your niche and properly position your brand so people remember what you do and you can work with clients on your own terms.

We covered:

  • Why being a specialist will get you more business
  • Two reasons to be selective when bringing on new clients
  • Keeping variability in your projects when selecting your expertise niche
  • How Kaleigh conquered her fears and burnout when she repositioned her business
  • The trigger that pushed Kaleigh to reposition her business
  • The online freelance course Kaleigh took to figure out the work she truly enjoyed
  • Why you need to have some hands-on experience before positioning your business
  • Three questions that can help you find work you actually enjoy doing
  • Kaleigh’s advice for setting up your project fee structure
  • The best way to discover work you are passionate about
  • Potential red flags from clients and how to tactfully move away from those clients
  • A formula for creating your really simple positioning statement
  • Why you should ask your mom if she understands your positioning statement before you publish it
  • Simple ideas to keep your network updated on your brand


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