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How to Scale Content Creation Without a Team

Do you want to learn how to scale content creation without a team? In this episode, we’re joined by Tracey Wallace, the Editor in Chief at BigCommerce and the founder of Doris Sleep. She gives us a breakdown of everything content marketing, and how you can rank faster on Google without using any tools.

Tracey explains the exact steps she took to help grow the BigCommerce blog into the leading e-commerce marketing blog today–with zero budget and a small team.


We covered:

    • The reason why Tracey thinks content marketing is here to stay
    • Why content plays a role throughout your entire sales funnel
    • Tracey’s step-by-step process for outsourcing quality articles
    • How to do keyword research with Google only (no tools)
    • Which style of keywords are proven to rank the fastest
    • How to use HTML tags in blog posts to target keywords
    • Why you should structure your articles for fast information
    • How to use partners to help publish high volumes of content
    • The surprising reason you don’t need to publish A+ articles



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