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How to Stay Relevant in Business: 3 Tips to Remain Competitive

How do some companies stay on the top while others go out of business? The answer is change. If you want to move forward in business you have to embrace adaptation. In fact, it’s always been this way. Technology is just advancing at a faster pace than ever now.

In this episode, we’re joined by branding expert Allen Adamson. He explains what steps companies need to take to stay relevant, how to successfully evolve with the times, and why diversity matters when it comes to your team.

We covered:

  • Why most companies fail to stay relevant in today’s world
  • What happens when you stay focused on your competitors
  • How disruptors put major companies out of business
  • The reason why your business should stay in startup mode
  • Why companies who stay ahead tend to have a diverse team
  • How to convince risk-averse leadership to change things
  • Why word of mouth drives the marketing world today
  • How to become a purpose-driven business with authenticity



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