How to Thrive for Change & Growth in a Chaotic Environment

January 22, 2019

Let’s talk about eliminating chaos in your marketing efforts. In today’s episode, I chat with Hana Abaza about the nitty-gritty of running the marketing for Shopify Plus. She joined the Shopify Plus team while the company was in the midst of crazy growth.

You’ll learn foundational principles for SaaS marketing, the biggest misconceptions about positioning, and how you can drive growth and optimization in a chaotic environment.

We discussed:

  • The nuance of marketing for B2B SaaS vs. small business or consumer
  • How Shopify Plus started as an experiment to reduce churn
  • Why positioning is highly misunderstood by most marketing teams
  • What happens when you base marketing on your own assumptions
  • Why you must have a minimum data measurement in place first
  • How to identify low-hanging fruit based on your sales funnel
  • The surprising reason growth isn’t focused on driving more volume
  • Why foundational marketing strategy falls into four separate buckets



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