How to Use Customer Surveys to Sell More (And Better)

March 26, 2019

Wouldn’t you love to get more value out of customer surveys?

As we all know, talking to customers is the best way to learn more about your audience. We’ve covered surveys and how to get inside your prospects’ head on the show before. But in this episode, we cover an unconventional approach to using surveys inside your sales funnel.

This is a special interview because I’m speaking to not one, but two guests. Rob and Kennedy are the co-founders of ResponseSuites. And they’re here to reveal how you can use surveys to sell more… without pissing your customers off.


We discussed:

  • How Rob and Kennedy transitioned from entertainment into marketing

  • Why typical customer surveys are where useful data goes to die

  • How to create a personalized sales process at the end of your funnel

  • The best way to ask key questions (and instantly define your customers’ needs)

  • What happens next in the funnel after someone completes your survey

  • Why sending email blasts to your entire list alienates 60% of your audience

  • The simplest place in your funnel to start asking subscribers to fill out a survey

  • Two practical techniques for increasing your survey response rates

  • What four critical questions will generate the most useful answers



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