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[Replay] Rand Fishkin's Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing

How to sell more? By earning the awareness, trust, and respect of people who could buy from you. This is, in essence, the core of Rand Fiskin's inbound marketing philosophy. In this episode, Rand Fishkin shares his step-by-step guide to selling online using inbound marketing.

Rand Fishkin is the Co-Founder and Ex-CEO of Moz. Rand Fishkin is one of the best and most transparent marketers. During this hour we talk about the type of marketer that Donald Trump is and what Rand would do if he only had $100 and 6 months to generate $1000 in income. Rand also tells a personal MOZ story that applies to managing people. Along with reasons why bad marketing stands out, and how to win your customer’s trust.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Rand would spend that $100 on ad platforms to learn how to improve the ROI.
  • Rand was a shy introverted kid, but he cared about people and what made them tick.
  • Correlation and causation are important distinctions for marketers and understanding data.
  • How a bad hire caused issues with Moz’s gender equality policy.
  • How the bad marketing is what sticks and gives marketers a bad reputation.
  • False best practices in marketing.
  • How to identify and get in front of your audience.
  • Having empathy and building trust with our customers and retention marketing.


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