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Storytelling Marketing Strategy: Tell Your Business Story in 6 Steps

How can we use story in our marketing strategy and drive more business?

Storytelling is a skill just like anything else. All it takes to write a mesmerizing story is knowing the key elements of great storytelling and practice.

In this episode, we’re joined by master storyteller Michael Hauge. He’s an author and story expert who has coached on countless Hollywood movie scripts since 1985. Tune in to learn how you can apply Michael’s 6-step storytelling formula to your own business.

We covered:

    • The reason why storytelling is valuable for marketers
    • Why the storytelling process starts with your end result
    • Michael’s favorite marketing story (and what made it powerful)
    • How to find a protagonist your audience empathizes with
    • Why the hero in every story must endure a crisis
    • The goal of story obstacles and how to create meaningful conflict
    • What your ideal aftermath is with persuasive storytelling
  • How to use dialogue to transport your audience with story



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