How to Address Your Customers' Most Serious Concerns & Improve Conversions

April 23, 2019
Does your sales process line up with your buyer's journey? In this episode, you'll learn why addressing your customers' concerns during the buying experience can reduce friction and boost conversions. Tune in as I chat with Barron Caster, the Director of Growth at Rev. He reveals the methods his team used to triple Rev's conversion rates over the last three years—and how you can become a better marketer by applying these principles to your business. We covered:
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3 Mistakes Growth Marketing Teams Make (+ How to Avoid Them)

April 16, 2019
Building a marketing team is hard—especially when you’re in the early growth stages of your business. In the beginning, you’re still identifying which marketing activities work while you’re building a team at the same time. But there a few common mistakes you can avoid with your team that we’re going to discuss today. We’re joined by Jake Stainer, the former Head of Growth at Typeform and current Head of Digital Growth for TravelPerk. In thi...
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7 Honest Ways to Break Through the Noise (Using the Principles Behind Drift’s Success)

April 09, 2019
Picture this. You’ve just accept a new role as the head of marketing with a company. Your ultimate job is to get them noticed. What steps do you take to attract attention and interest? In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to stand out and break through using the principles behind Drift’s success. Listen in for a special episode, as we welcome...
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Your First 90 Days as a Marketer: How to Build Trust and Make an Impact

April 02, 2019
You want to make an impact, right? Imagine you’ve just been hired in a new marketing role. What’s the first thing you should do to get your foot in the door? In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to build trust and prove yourself in the first 90 days as a marketer. Join us in welcoming Claire Suellentrop back to the podcast. Claire is a SaaS marketing strategy consultant and the co-fo...
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How to Use Customer Surveys to Sell More (And Better)

March 26, 2019
Wouldn’t you love to get more value out of customer surveys? As we all know, talking to customers is the best way to learn more about your audience. We’ve covered surveys and how to get inside your prospects’ head on the show before. But in this episode, we cover an unconventional approach to using surveys inside your sales funnel. This is a special interview because I’m speaking to not one, but two guests. Rob and Kennedy are the co-founders of Respons...
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