What Politicians Know About Marketing That You Don’t

January 15, 2019
What can politics teach us about marketing strategy? Political expert Phillip Stutts joins us for this episode of the show, where he shares how using political principles can help businesses get more out of their marketing. It’s a unique perspective on how to run campaigns and build more human connections. We discussed:   The three biggest mistakes busi...
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How to Talk to Customers and Validate Your Business Idea (When Everyone Is Lying to You)

January 08, 2019
Will your next startup be a success? The truth is, you can never be 100% certain until you test your idea — but you can save yourself 12 months of time by talking to your customers first. In this episode, Rob Fitzpatrick joins us on the podcast to share how you can validate your business idea by getting better feedback.
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How to Do SEO Yourself: A Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research (With Examples)

December 18, 2018
Is keyword research still relevant to SEO? Do backlinks matter anymore? Find out the answer in today’s episode. My guest is Tim Soulo, the CMO and the Head of Product Strategy at Ahrefs. Listen in as we deep dive into the technical side of ranking higher on Google — and exactly how to approach keyword research right now. We discussed: Why keyword research is stil...
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How to Do Video Marketing: 9 Effective Tips on Getting Started

December 11, 2018
Video has exploded on social media in the last couple of years. Are you using video marketing in your business yet? My guest is Jason Hsiao, the founder of the Animoto video maker. In today’s episode, Jason shares how to leverage video to build relationships and sell more (without tons of technical knowledge or expensive equipment).  We discussed:
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Marketing Psychology: 5 Little Known Facts About Consumer Behavior in Advertising

December 04, 2018
What is marketing psychology? When it comes to digital marketing it’s easy to drown ourselves in endless data analytics, campaign results, and market research. But marketing boils down to one thing only–humans. Marketing psychology is the study of consumer psychology and the reasoning behind why we make decisions.   Who is Richard Shotton? My guest today is Richard Shotton, the author of The Choice Factory: 25 Behavioral Bi...
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