Mark Ritson: 4 Steps to Creating a Marketing Strategy [Replay]

March 19, 2019
This week is a special replay of one of our most popular episodes. Mark Ritson joined the podcast last year to chat about the technical side of market research, branding, and building out an effective marketing strategy. Don't miss it. Even if you've heard this interview before, give it another listen. I learn something new every time. When it comes to your strategy, nothing is more important than market research. My guest today is Mark Ritson. He’s a marketing expert, consu...
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7 Insider Secrets of Video Marketing (With the CEO of Wistia)

March 12, 2019
Growing your audience faster, storytelling that informs your prospects, and moving your customers down the sales funnel — these are just a few benefits of video marketing. In this episode, Chris Savage from Wistia joins us to chat about building an audience with video (starting from zero). We covered: The truth behind the rise of video and its true power in marketing
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7 Ways to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Users

March 05, 2019
Wouldn’t you love to turn every blog post into an acquisition machine? In today’s episode, you’ll learn how you can use content to acquire users that will stick around. Kieran Flanagan joins the podcast to share what it means to win the hearts and minds of your audience, why the cost of content has grown faster than any other medium in the last five years, and what brands must do to compete in content marketing today. We covered:
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Conversational Copy: How to Make Your Marketing 10x More Authentic

February 26, 2019
Does selling ever make you feel gross? In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to market and write about your products without the sleaze and hype. Nick Usborne has been working as a copywriter and coach for over 35 years. He joins the podcast to chat about conversational copy, and how to sell without compromising your reputation or the integrity of your personal brands. We covered:
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An In-Depth Guide to Content Marketing for Long-Term Growth

February 19, 2019
Want to learn how one B2B marketing campaign made $64 million from a $6,000 budget? Ryan Bonnici joins the podcast to share the exact steps he took and how you can follow his strategy. Listen in to hear us talk content marketing, search engine optimization, and how to drive tangible results without using growth hacks. We discussed: Why you should go after the top of your funnel vs. optimizing for conversions...
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